Video: Review - KIKO Eyeshadow Sticks

Controversial video at the ready! A really hyped KIKO product to the test did not perform as well as expected, then again it might be just me, but let me know what you think of them if you tried this KIKO product.

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Review: Vichy Normaderm Day Cream

As I mentioned a few posts back, I have been trying out a whole new skincare routine and that included the Vichy Night Detox (you can read my review here) and today´s product, the VICHY Normaderm Day Cream*.

In comparison with the night cream, I haven´t noticed a whole lot of changes with this product. It does moisture and hydrates my skin, but I personally didn´t find any wow factor when using it, however, my boyfriend loved it. After using it for a few days, his skin was glowy (but not shiny) and plumped, but also extremely soft. He noticed it, I noticed it... so it is definitely a product that works. So much, that I have purchased a new one for him already.

Have you tried any of the Vichy Normaderm products?

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Review: Trish McEvoy Rose Gold Shadow

Trish McEvoy Rose Gold Shadow - £12

About a year ago, while I was spending a weekend in the good old Leeds, this eye shadow caught my attention (along with other cheeky things!). This "Rose Gold" shadow by Trish McEvoy was the  perfect rose gold shade compile into one beauty product.

In terms of pigmentation, this shadow performs beautifully and I haven´t had any fall-outs with it so clearly, my first Trish McEvoy shadow has been a success. More to come!

Have you tried any Trish McEvoy products?

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